Depending on your location, the month of October may bring cooler weather and fallen leaves, but regardless of where you live, we can all benefit from the joy that comes with the annual drawing challenge that is Inktober. Whether you are an artist or an art appreciator, Inktober is an exciting month for the creative community, and we are glad it has finally arrived this year!


Inktober began in 2009 as a personal improvement project for Jake Parker to increase and expand his technical skills as an animator and illustrator. Jake challenged himself to create a single ink drawing for each of the thirty one days in the month of October and post them daily to social media networks. His challenge went “viral” and has become a celebrated event for the artistic collective worldwide.


Whether you draw five days, fifteen days, or all thirty one, remember that each drawing is intended to help you improve your talents as an artist. This is not a competition of creator vs. creator, rather a challenge for each individual to enhance themselves. Sketches, comics, and pretty much anything you can draw on paper with a pencil or pen is fair game. Digital drawings with tablet pens are welcome as well, as I have not discovered any rules against this. The best part about Inktober, besides the personal improvement, is the ability to see the vast amount of talent in the world, as we are easily able to connect with artists and view their work across the internet!


Thirty one drawings in thirty one consecutive days is an ambitious goal to strive for. Are you up for the challenge? Ashley has gotten up to twenty at her highest, but has never completed the entire month. Can she do it this year? Follow her on Instagram @ashley_idell to see how far she makes it, and if you are creating art for the challenge, tag and share, so she can check it out!

Author: Frankie Sica

Author: Frankie Sica

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